Want Your Own?

If seeing my work inspired you to want your own original Cosmic Octopus mural or painting, send me a line at [email protected], instagram, or leave a comment in the contact me page!

I will paint doors, walls, furniture like chairs, tables, dressers, cabinets, and just about any other surface you might want! (Just make sure if you rent it isn’t something you might get in trouble for!) We can talk about what your style is, what images you want more of in your life, your favorite colors, or what mood you want to evoke. I can do original work or duplicate from an image you love.*



Prices will vary depending on the project. Each conversation will be unique. Difficulty of project, supplies needed, travel distance, and time are all factors we discuss during project planning. The price may change on the job as factors change or become clearer. I will always check with you before working to make sure we are both always comfortable and happy.



*Any images I duplicate cannot be sold and should be done with permission of original artist unless it is a stock image that specifies otherwise. We don’t want to be infringing on anyone else’s copyright and hard work! Support all artists!