Other Work

Every person is made of many facets and layers. Besides painting murals, I also have a degree in costume design and myriad of art lessons to back me up. I love creating and sometimes the medium doesn’t matter! I do millinery, sewing, figure drawing, photography, design, and I am currently learning to carve and sculpt. I even enjoy cooking as an art form! Other things on my list to learn in the future are blacksmithing, carpentry, and glass work. I love tools of all kinds, and I enjoy the puzzle of a creative challenge. If you would like to see my other work and peek into my varied and crazy life, follow me on my personal instagram, https://www.instagram.com/zraizel/ or check out my artist website, http://www.zarahraizel.com/ . You can find examples of my sewing work, sketches, photography, and theater work on there!