About the Artist

You may be wondering why the name Cosmic Octopus… Astronomy has been a passion of mine for many years, and I never cease to find wonder in space and it’s mind blowing scale. The cosmos encompasses all of us, and is in all of us, from the smallest scale of atoms to the unimaginable greatness of the universe. The cosmos is the ultimate creator, with the endless destruction and recreation of matter in stunning forms like stars and planets. It inspires the imagination with all we don’t know yet and may never know. I consider the cosmos the ultimate inspiration.

The octopus has its own set of wonders. As far as we can tell, the octopus may be the most intelligent creature on this planet next to us, and yet they are incredibly alien. I believe classic aliens may be inspired by the shape of our ocean friends, but while Hollywood aliens come from outer space, we share our small planet with the octopus. Every day we learn more about their strange ways of life, there is still so much we don’t understand. Only recently we learned of a colony that are creating a small city of nests together. Previously it was believed they were solitary animals. Octopi are often thought to represent a wisdom and cleverness that you can draw upon by studying them. They communicate in an array of mesmerizing colors and textures, and can shape to almost any container. Their versatility and cunning fascinates me. The Octopus seems to be as creative and ever changing as any art. There is so much room for imagination, learning, and mystery with these sea creatures.

Cosmic Octopus leaves all the room in the universe for uniqueness and creativity. A form of art itself, it seems fitting to figurehead my career as an artist. It has whimsy, awe, and a sense of surrealism that I want to bring into my own work.

My name is Zarah Raizel Avalon. I am a scenic painter and muralist. I have been doing fine art my whole life, and attended college at Boston University in the design and production theater department. I majored in costume design, but spent an inordinate amount of time on scenic painting classes. I have been done professional scene painting jobs since my freshman year. After graduating, I spent a year in Ireland, and took some time to develop my direction as an artist. Now I am back in Boston launching my business, Cosmic Octopus Art which combines my love for scenic painting, and fine arts. I am excited to inspire people with art in their homes and work spaces. My dream is to help create a unique atmosphere that feels truly their own.

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